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Fault Finding and Repair

Is an unreliable system proving to be a headache?

Testing an Electrical SupplyIn this day and age electricity is a staple of the Western world. Everything runs off electricity and it’s easy to see that point during a power cut. Pretty much every vital component in a house is often powered by electricity and without electricity, it’s hard to get by.

Occasionally electrical systems develop faults which causes localised failures. Normally, fuses keep blowing or the Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and Residual-Current Devices (RCDs) keep tripping. This is a sign that something is wrong and you have a fault in your system somewhere.

Expert Electrical Fault Finding

At Aardee Electrical Services, our fully qualified electricians are trained in fault finding. Our friendly staff are able to track down and isolate faults from the very basic to the very complex.

We can trace faults to the source and help find a solution to stop them from taking down your entire electrical supply.

At Aardee Electrical Services, we have an experienced network of electricians and a comprehensive range of expert testing equipment. If you’ve got an electrical fault, we can find it and rectify the problem, fast!

It all starts with a phone call. Just give Aardee Electrical Services a ring today for a friendly chat with a qualified electrician about your problems.

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